December winterscape click and breathe centering meditation via Lawhimsy
Just Breathe

Welcome December and a Centering Meditation

Welcome December, the last month of the year. When time seems to wind down and speed up all at the same time. December means sparkles, Yuletide joy and holiday delights all around. It means shopping and baking and mixing and making. It means cold, mucky weather and dark, deepening nights. December is such a merry,… Continue reading Welcome December and a Centering Meditation

Just Breathe

Just Breathe A Simple 5 Minute Meditation

Breathing, it's such an easy, vital part of life that we all do constantly, without much thought. Breathing, however, can be so much more and can be utilized in a very amazing and simple way. To think, we all have this powerful tool at our disposal and yet we often do not use it to… Continue reading Just Breathe A Simple 5 Minute Meditation


One Minute Can Reset Your Mind and Day

Are you feeling tired, cross, stressed-out, burned-out, tired, foggy-headed, grumpy? Then have I got a trick for you and I only need your attention for a minute. Yes, that's right, just a minute. Still with me? Okay then, I want you to stop what you are doing, sit up (good enough posture will do just… Continue reading One Minute Can Reset Your Mind and Day

Just Breathe

A Moment of Calm

Life has certainly been a bit much as of late and between work, play, relationships, personal issues, and the constant weather changes, I've been neglecting and ignoring my inner voice. This has resulted in longer lasting and more painful migraines (pressure systems are my biggest migraine trigger and since the weather has been so bi-polar… Continue reading A Moment of Calm

Just Breathe

Refinding my Center

It's been quite the start to this new year, let me tell you. Hectic, insane, off-schedule (despite attempts at a schedule), harried energies, colds, coughs, rough sleeping patterns, Nelly chewing through the vacuum-cleaner cord on Saturday and shocking the hell out of herself and me (it was terrifying and that is putting it mildly!!! Never fear,… Continue reading Refinding my Center

Kith and Kin Word Nerd
Word Nerd

Word Nerd : Kith and Kin

'Tis the start of those wonderfully magical winter holidays, the kind filled with one's kith and kin - whether one likes it or not, tee-hee! I come from a very solitary family, so while my kin are very few and far between, my kith grow each year and some even become kin of the soul.… Continue reading Word Nerd : Kith and Kin