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Word Nerd: Meliorism

Meliorism is the belief that the world can be improved through human effort. Meliorism was most likely drawn from the Latin melior (better) or the English meliorate, which is a synonym of ameliorate (to make better). Many credit British novelist George Eliot with coining meliorism and meliorist (an advocate of meliorism) in 1877, though meliorist… Continue reading Word Nerd: Meliorism

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Word Nerd: Lagom

Lagom is a Swedish term and philosophy that means just the right amount. Of course, lagom (like many Swedish terms) doesn't have a true English language equivalent, rather more an attempt to capture the essence of the word. Lagom är bäst or The right amount is best, is a Swedish proverb that sums up the… Continue reading Word Nerd: Lagom

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Word Nerd: Numpty

Numpty (alternatively spelled numptie) is an amusing word that describes an idiot, dolt or fool. Everyone knows a few numpties (just glance at political news, that's practically all one sees) and many have even acted like a numpty on (the hopefully rare) occasion. Numpty is of Scottish origin deriving from the obsolete term numps (a… Continue reading Word Nerd: Numpty