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Word Nerd: Luciferous

Luciferous means providing light, illumination or providing insight or enlightenment. Luciferous originated in 1640-50 and derives from the Latin lucifer (morning star, literally, light-bringing) and -ous (possessing, full of). Luciferous quite obviously has a tie with Lucifer, the fallen archangel. Lucifer was a light bringer before the fall and, as some believe, because of the… Continue reading Word Nerd: Luciferous

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Word Nerd: Joyance

Joyance is a joyous feeling or festivity. Joyance is an archaic term first used in the 1590's that combines joy and -ance (a quality or state in this instance). Joyance is a delightful, engaging term that means exactly what it is - a joyous, gladsome feeling. Joyance personified / that is my goal/ a sense… Continue reading Word Nerd: Joyance

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Word Nerd: Ipseity

Ipseity means selfhood or self identity. Ipseity derives from the Latin ipse (self). Ipseity is the quality and nature of being oneself. It so many words, ipseity is the quintessential element of identity. We each of us posses ipseity and can define and identify our unique individuality by our ipseity. Ipseity means self, identity, nature… Continue reading Word Nerd: Ipseity

ultramarine focus in Vermeer Girl with a Pearl Earring art crop via LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd: Ultramarine

Ultramarine is a vivid intense shade of blue. Ultramarine is often described as a color that is beyond the sea deep blue. Thanks to it's vibrant, rich color ultramarine was highly sought after and used to add luscious detail to works of art. As a pigment, ultramarine was first made by powdering the semi-precious stone Lapis Lazul… Continue reading Word Nerd: Ultramarine

running faucet for lenitive bath gif via LaWhimsy by giphy
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Word Nerd: Lenitive

Lenitive means the softening of pain or sorrow. Lenitive derives from the Latin lenire (to soften or soothe) - fun fact lenire also gave us the word lenient which originally meant relieving pain or stress. Lenitive also carries the obsolete meaning of a laxative (in medical terms). Personally I enjoy the word lenitive when using it… Continue reading Word Nerd: Lenitive

blithe beauty the definition of a joyous disposition via LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd: Blithe

Blithe is such a joyful word and it means one who has a blissful, ecstatic disposition. Blithe has taken on a second, not so positive meaning, which is one who shows a casual and cheerful indifference. I don't particularly care for that definition of blithe and prefer to use the word to mean overly joyful… Continue reading Word Nerd: Blithe