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philocalist-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsyTo be a lover of all things beautiful or to find the beauty in all things, that is to be a philocalist. I believe that we quaintrelles are all true philocalists at heart, don’t you agree? We cultivate, create and appreciate beauty in all of it’s endless forms.

Philocalist Word NerdThere have been poems, books, art, etc created all in the name of and inspired because of beauty by philocalists throughout time and history. Debates and arguments about what beauty is and isn’t, various definitions and descriptions of what is beauty, what makes beauty are continuous and never ending. It’s a subject that enchants, fascinates, intrigues and beguiles the philocalist in us all.

The History of Beauty by Umbrerto EcoThe book “The History of Beauty” and it’s companion book “On Ugliness”  are both amazing and share a study of the view of a philocalist!
What do you think, fellow philocalists and logophiles? Is beauty one of those undefinable qualities that defies a true definition and does that mean that a philocalist is as equally unique in their description as well?
Namaste ~ Ella

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