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Word Nerd: Mysa

Mysa means to engage in an activity that is comfortable and pleasurable, especially at home, being content and cozy. Mysa is a Swedish word and concept, like hygge or fika, that has no direct English word equivalent. Mysa is truly the most perfect word for this Covid world-turned-upside-down that we are all currently residing in.… Continue reading Word Nerd: Mysa

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Word Nerd:Primaveral

Primaveral means of or relating to early spring. Primaveral originates from the Spanish or Italian primavera (spring). Primaveral is something of the ideal spring word since it relates to all that make-up the early spring days. From the very first hints of new, green growth, to the earliest blossoms (like the cherry or peach), to… Continue reading Word Nerd:Primaveral

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Word Nerd:Shoshin

Shoshin refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions. Shoshin is a word from Zen Buddhism that means "beginners mind". The practice of shoshin is the practice of seeing the world with wonder and unknown possibilities, like a beginner would. Shoshin in Zen Buddhism is used when referring to studying a… Continue reading Word Nerd:Shoshin

Here's to strong women may we know them may we be them may we raise them quote via LaWhimsy

International Women’s Day – Here’s to Strong Women

Here's to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them. International Women's Day is a day to recognize and celebrate all of the women in your life and in this world. All of the women who are making their marks in this world and who have blazed trails in… Continue reading International Women’s Day – Here’s to Strong Women

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Word Nerd:Halcyon

Halcyon is a time that is calm, peaceful, tranquil and idyllic. Halcyon derives from the ancient Greek alkyon or halkyon (kingfisher).  In Greek mythos, Alcyone and Ceyx were a happily married couple who enraged the Gods by calling themselves "Hera" and "Zeus". As punishment, the Gods killed Ceyx by destroying his ship and when Alcyone… Continue reading Word Nerd:Halcyon

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Word Nerd:Polychromatic

Polychromatic is having or exhibiting a variety of colors. Polychromatic was first used in 1841 and derives from the Greek polychrōmatos which is a combination of poly- (many) and chromatic (pertaining to color or colors). Polychromatic is a bright, vibrant, thoroughly colorful word, per it's definition. Oh yes, there are plenty of colors that are… Continue reading Word Nerd:Polychromatic