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Word Nerd: Novaturient

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsynovaturient definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsyNovaturient is desiring changes or alterations, usually in regards to one’s life, behavior, or situation. The origin of novaturient comes from the Latin novāre (make new) and ent (present participial ending, i.e. word-forming element making a noun or verb an adjective).

Novaturient could almost be a buzz word in the world of self-help (albeit a slightly complex one) since that is all about seeking out powerful change in one’s life. Novaturient is a compelling desire, a deep and energetic call to arms in the name of personal change. Novaturient could be applied to the desire to travel and explore different places or to the yearning for something more from yourself and your life. Novaturient could also be used in what appears to be simple changes, since those can often have a deeply impactful result – things like drinking more water, being more mindful in how you engage in your everyday, actively choosing to be more positive in your thoughts and actions, etc.

novaturient change do something great you've got this via LaWhimsyDo something great – even the seemingly simple can fill the call of novaturient in your soul and can be qualified as doing something great.

While it may be a bit clunky to use, the notion of novaturient is strikingly powerful and oh, so relatable – at least it is for me. I have felt the siren song of novaturient and I have answered it in my way many, many times. How about you – how have you felt novaturient in your life and what have you done with it?

Namaste ~ Ella

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