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Word Nerd: Maitri

Maitri means self loving kindness that radiates out to others. Maitri is a Sanskrit word and the Pali version or equivalent is Metta. For a Buddhist maitri is love in it's most authentic and pure form. Maitri is the first of the four sublime states or virtues which are Loving-kindness (maitri or metta), Compassion (karuna),… Continue reading Word Nerd: Maitri

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Word Nerd: Gluggaveour

Gluggaveour means window-weather. Gluggaveour is Icelandic in origin and it describes the kind of weather that appears so picturesque through a window, yet is not so enjoyable when one is out in it. There is no real English equivalent to gluggaveour, or at least not one that appears so poetic and succinct. I'm unsure of… Continue reading Word Nerd: Gluggaveour

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Word Nerd: Vorfreude

Vorfreude means joyful anticipation. More specifically, vorfreude is the feeling of anticipation of something pleasurable or desired in the future. Vorfreude is pronounced for-froi-duh (don't let that v fool you). Vorfreude is a German word that doesn't have an equal in the English language, at least not one that fully "gets" the full meaning since… Continue reading Word Nerd: Vorfreude