my querencia digital art collage by Ella Patrice of LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd: Querencia

Querencia means home, a favorite spot. Querencia can also mean the part of a bullring where the bull takes its stand, however I much prefer the metaphysical concept. Querencia derives from the Spanish verb querer (to desire) which derives from the Latin quaerere (seek, gain, obtain). Combined these provide the base for the concept of… Continue reading Word Nerd: Querencia

Be Your Valentine Everyday digital art by LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd: Valentine

A Valentine is a card or message, usually amatory or sentimental but sometimes satirical or comical, or a token or gift sent by one person to another on Valentine's Day. The word Valentine (and holiday) originate from Saint Valentine and it originated as defined above sometime in the 15th century. Now I know that using… Continue reading Word Nerd: Valentine

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Word Nerd: Heliophilia

Heliophilia is the love of sunlight. Heliophilia originates from the Greek hēlios (sun) and  philia (fondness). Heliophilia and it's kin heliophile (one attracted to sunlight) are rather lovely and desired words for this time of the year. I don;t know about you but during the later part of Winter I begin to long for the… Continue reading Word Nerd: Heliophilia

a linguaphile dreamscape digital art collage via lawhimsy
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Word Nerd: Linguaphile

Linguaphile means one who loves languages and words. Linguaphile originates from the Latin lingua (tongue, language) and the Greek philos (loving). Linguaphile is a fairly straightforward word and one that few fellow Word Nerds really need defined. I mean, those of us who actively enjoy discovering and using new words are linguaphiles and we know… Continue reading Word Nerd: Linguaphile

lunette takes it's shape from the beauty of the crescent moon via lawhimsy
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Word Nerd: Lunette

Lunette (pronounced loo-nette) is a crescent-shaped figure or object. In architecture a lunette is an area in the plane of a wall enframed by an arch or vault with a painting, sculpture, or window usually filling said area. In nature a lunette is a low crescentic mound (such as of sand) formed by the wind.… Continue reading Word Nerd: Lunette

fika means having coffee with friends and enjoying the good things in life via lawhimsy
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Word Nerd: Fika

Fika (pronounced fee-ka) is both a Swedish verb and noun that roughly means to drink coffee or tea, usually accompanied by something sweet to eat. the Swedish concept of a coffee break. Fika is much more than that, however, since in Swedish culture Fika is truly a state of mind that involves slowing down, connecting… Continue reading Word Nerd: Fika