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Word Nerd: Jollification

Jollification is any joyous diversion or festivity. Jollification is a combination of jolly and -fication which is a word-forming element meaning "a making or causing"and it appears to have been first used in or around 1809-1810. It's said that jollification's shortened form of jolly led to phrase "get one's jollies", which is apt and hilarious.… Continue reading Word Nerd: Jollification

the sempiternal nature of a darkening twilight sky via LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd: Sempiternal

Sempiternal means of never-ending duration or eternal, everlasting and unchanging. Sempiternal derives from the Latin semper (always) and from the the Latin sempiternus (everlasting). While eternal and sempiternal are often used the same way, philosophically they differ since eternal is used to describe something that is infinite outside the bounds of time while sempiternal is… Continue reading Word Nerd: Sempiternal

existing in my paracosm a world of my own making via LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd: Paracosm

Word Nerd is a bit late this week due to a few technical and migraine related issues ~ Thank You so much for your patience! Paracosm is a detailed imaginary world that is created in one's mind. Paracosm derives from the Ancient Greek terms παρά (para (beside, alongside)) and κόσμος ((k)cosmos (world, universe)). A paracosm is often… Continue reading Word Nerd: Paracosm