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Word Nerd: Heliotropic

heliotropic definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsyHeliotropic is the property of some plants of turning under the influence of light. Heliotropic is derived from helio- (a combining form meaning “sun”) and -tropic (a combining form with the meanings “turned toward, with an orientation toward”). Heliotropic was first used around 1870-1875.

Heliotropic is a word often used in the plant world since many flowers and plants are heliotropic. I think many humans can relate to being heliotropic since it feels so lovely to turn one’s face towards the sun, especially after a long, cold winter.

heliotropic daisies via LaWhimsy original image by linh phamDaisies are heliotropic since they turn towards the sun and follow it all day long.

Spring has arrived and while the weather where I am may be chill and quite overcast, I still think heliotropic is a fantastic word for this seasonal shift. I am quite eager for warmer, sunnier weather (not hot nor humid though – no thank you) and for the ability to let my face and body absorb a wee bit of the sun’s vital rays. Heliotropic also ties into both Heliolatry and Heliophilia since all three have to do with a love of the sun. Do you feel a bit like a heliotrope when the seasons shift from Winter to Spring?

Namaste ~ Ella

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