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Word Nerd: Heliolatry

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsyheliolatry definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsyHeliolatry is the worship of the sun. Heliolatry is a combination of hēlios, which is the Greek word for sun and the suffix –latry, which means worship and derives from late Latin and French but originated from the Greek latreia (the supreme homage that is given to God alone).

Heliolatry, simply put, is sun worship. Summertime is prime time for a heliolater – one who worships the sun. While there are those who do worship the sun and the spirits they revere who reside there, many these days just love the warmth and comfort the sun’s rays can provide (not to mention the essential vitamin D). Either way, heliolatry fits as a wonderful descriptor.

Heliolatry worsip of the sun crop from photo by jordan wozniak via LaWhimsyThe idea of worshiping the sun, of heliolatry, is not that far-fetched when one can be captured with awe so easily at it’s very sight.

Heliolatry ties in with a previous Word Nerd, Heliophillia and takes it a small step further. With quarantine and the ever-present threat of Covid still hanging on, the thought of whatever bits of sunlight we can soak in is all the more precious and needed for all of the heliolaters out there. We also need to keep up the fight to make it safe for everyone to be able to get out into the sun and enjoy themselves with no undue threats to their lives – whether it is from the virus or from their fellow humans (click here to read more about what defunding the police actually means).

Namaste ~ Ella

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