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Affirmation Mondays 270 – We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are

We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are Max DePree quote Monday Mantra 270 via LaWhimsyWe cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.” ~ Max DePree

Change is inevitable but let’s make it ours for the better…

“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.”

What is happening all around us, in the streets, on the web, in our minds and consciousness, is change. Change that is beyond long overdue. Change that allows true freedom to every single American and more.

This change has been backburnered for so long that it was bound to explode forth, demanding to be heard, acknowledged and acted upon, right here, right now. No more tomorrow, but today.

This change is that Black Lives Matter. There can be no more loss of life, no more living in fear just because of the color of one’s skin. This change is happening and there is no looking back – only freedom forward.

The police must be defunded. They must be de-militarized and all of the racial profiling and brute, life-taking force must be stopped. They must be re-evaluated, re-taught, properly screened and trained and no longer able to hide above the law.

We cannot become a society that declares that Black Lives Matter if we keep things the same. That is impossible. The police force cannot continue on as before with only pathetic band-aids and hollow promises of “doing better”. That is simply nowhere near enough and too many have lost their lives to this dangerous practice.

Until we are able to enact the change that is desperately needed, American lives, human lives are being taken way on a whim. That is unacceptable. We all need to keep on making our voices, our choices, heard. We need to dismantle the racist rhetoric that is the foundation of so much of this country and it’s systems and we need to replace them with better.

Our government, our politicians, our civil servants are just that – OURS. And it’s time we not only remind them of that, but we hold them all accountable for their actions and the actions they back.

This is not going to go away. Black lives need to be as protected as white lives and to be perfectly frank, it’s beyond disgusting that this even needs to be an issue. Each human life is valuable and sacred and the sheer fact that so many of our black brothers and sisters have been lost due to our negligence in changing this is abhorrent. No one should have to live in fear for their life and the lives of their loved ones. No one.

Do better and do the work to help change this. Make sure to register to vote and vote in every election. If you can’t make it out to a protest, be sure to support a bailout fund and share the link wherever you can. Educate yourself by visiting any of the multitude of sources, like Digging Deeper via Garden Party by Sophia Rose. Be open. Listen. Learn.

Be a human and respect and value every single other human. Black Lives Matter so keep doing better.

Namaste ~ Ella

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