nefelibata she walks her own path digital art collage by Ella of LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd: Nefelibata

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsynefelibata definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsyNefelibata (pronounced ne-fe-LE-ba-ta) is a charming Portuguese word – from ‘nephele’ (cloud) and batha (a place where you can walk) – used to describe those of us who are rather unique and unorthodox. A nefelibata is a cloud walker or or one who does not abide by the precepts of society, literature, or art. Nefelibata’s think and live outside of the preconceived societal norms and boxes. Being a nefelibata doesn’t mean you don’t understand societal or artistic precepts, it simply means you have your own views and ideas and functionalities.

nefelibata she walks her own path digital art collage by Ella of LaWhimsy Nefelibata /she walks her own path /guided by longings and desires unmapped. /She set out alone /wandered along /gathering inspirations /humming an unknown song. /What worlds she imagined  /what dreams she wove /what earthly experiences she sought to behold. /Never belonging to reality’s coil /seeing it all through honey and foil. /Sometimes she wondered what it’d be like to fit in /to be another /without and within. /The thought would pass by /a momentary glimpse /then a new thought would surface /a new dance would begin. /Nefelibata /she walks her own path  /unorthodox, certainly /but worth every step. ~ Ella

Nefelibata is a new favorite word of mine and one that I think describes me quite nicely!

Namaste ~ Ella

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