silvery gumusservi dreams via LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd: Gumusservi

Gumusservi is Turkish for moonlight shining on the water. Gumusservi has no translation in the English language but that's perfectly fine since in Turkish it reads like pure poetry. To wake in the night and see a silvery trail of gumusservi shining upon the water is like seeing magic. To have a word, and such… Continue reading Word Nerd: Gumusservi

Euneirophrenia brought about by pleasant dreams via LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd: Euneirophrenia

Euneirophrenia is a pleasant, happy state of mind one has after a good dream. Euneirophrenia's antonym is malneirophrenia and it's origins are from Ancient Greek, eu (good), oneiro (dream), phrenia (state of mind). Euneirophrenia is a euphoric, contented state of mind that one feels after a great night of sleep and pleasurable dreams. To feel… Continue reading Word Nerd: Euneirophrenia

malneirophrenia caused by bad dream demons via LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd: Malneirophrenia

Malnierophrenia is the foul, heavy, negative state of mind one finds themselves in after a nightmare. Malnierophrenia is the antonym of euneirophrenia and originates from Ancient Greek mal (bad), oneiro (dream), phrenia (state of mind). A bad night's sleep can also be a contributing cause of malnierophrenia. Malnierophrenia is characterized by a peevish, irritable, beastly… Continue reading Word Nerd: Malneirophrenia

verbivore it starts with one word via LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd: Verbivore

Verbivore is a humorous neologism coined by Richard Lederer in the early 1980s. Verbivore derives from the Latin terms verbum (“word”) and Latin vorax, from vorō (“devour”) and essentially means one who devours words. A verbivore could also be called a verbophile, logophile, or a word nerd, which makes it a perfect addition to this particular word nerd's Index! Verbivore's have an… Continue reading Word Nerd: Verbivore

orenda vision digital art collage by Ella of LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd: Orenda

Orenda is is an Iroquois Indian belief of a spiritual power inherent in people and their environment. Orenda is present, in varying degrees, in all animate and inanimate natural objects as a transmissible spiritual energy capable of being exerted according to the will of its possessor. Orenda is the spiritual force of nature and orenda… Continue reading Word Nerd: Orenda

raptuous baisemain kisses via LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd: Baisemain

Baisemain is an archaic French term for the traditional kissing of the hand that a vassal would give to the fief seigneur signifying respect. Baisemain then expanded it's meaning to the polite manner which one would use to greet or leave a lady, especially a lady one wanted to impress or show admiration to. In… Continue reading Word Nerd: Baisemain