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International Women’s Day

Anonymous No More March 8, is International Women's Day. As said best by Gloria Steinem - "The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.". Since March is also Women's History Month, I wanted to share… Continue reading International Women’s Day

Musings and Mutterings

St. Patrick’s Day ~ The Maiden of the Clover Poem

Sweet Colleen, now of the green, a crown of flowers on her brow, dances and plays away in the circle Faerie made. She walked the moors, sang her songs, spoke the language of forgotten tongues. They welcomed her with open arms, delighting in her silken charms. She belonged to them alone, a queen, a very… Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day ~ The Maiden of the Clover Poem

Art Deco Valentine Romantic Card via LaWhimsy

Valentine Love is Everyday : A Poem

Love Poem Your love, My love, each a golden gift spun so pure and true weaving into life all that is so good.   Love is so inherent, something so divine spreading out like wildfire polishing life so fine.   Love me, then, I'll love you too together we shall be and love shall continue… Continue reading Valentine Love is Everyday : A Poem


An Autumn Post Gathering and Equinox Delights

Another year, another seasonal shift, and another glorious Autumnal Equinox to celebrate! The air has already begun to shift and there have been many signs of Autumn already showing up all around. Many trees have started to change into their fiery Fall colors and the sounds of dying leaves scuttling about the ground when a… Continue reading An Autumn Post Gathering and Equinox Delights

Bucolic Scene, 1910 Ker-Xavier Roussel via LaWhimsy
Word Nerd

Word Nerd: Bucolic

Bucolic is a word that describes that idyllic picture of rural life that seems to be woven into the collective conscious. When one is asked to depict their idea of the countryside, it's often a bucolic image that flows forth. In this Pinterest world it's an even more idyllic picture - a bucolic setting, halcyon… Continue reading Word Nerd: Bucolic

Word Nerd

Word Nerd: Beatific

Dysania (also known as Clinomania) is the irresistible and overwhelming desire to stay in bed. While dysania can be a serious medical issue (it can be tied to depression, anxiety, etc.) it can also simply be a state of being caused by everyday stress or even the weather. Dysania is that all-encompassing feeling one gets […]