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Word Nerd: Rubatosis

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsyrubatosis-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsyRubatosis is a gorgeous word created to describe those moments when you are acutely and unsettlingly aware of the beating of your own heart. Rubatosis can occur in moments of quick fear or panic, or it can creep up upon you in those weird, quiet moments when the silence is so great that your heartbeat seems deafening. Rubatosis has a positive side as well since with rubatosis, you become aware of your own living being as you sense and hear your life blood coursing through your veins with each pump of your heart. Rubatosis is really a beautiful thing, since by connecting with your heartbeat, you can center and ground yourself.

rubatosis heartbeat animated gif via LaWhimsyIn those quiet moments when the world slips away and silence seems a golden jewel, close your eyes, catch your breath, listen close, and let the sensation of rubatosis sweep through you. Your life in each pulse, your soul on fire, a buzz of joy, peace, and realization that your are. ~ Ella

I think rubatosis is a lovely thing, that while unsettling when you aren’t used to it, can become a guide to re-center yourself. What do you think?

Namaste ~ Ella

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2 thoughts on “Word Nerd: Rubatosis”

  1. Thank you for saying there’s a positive side to rubatosis (I always hear about it being “unsettling”). Being a heart enthusiast (or cardiophile as some would say; this word can take on different meanings depending on the person) I actually like feeling/hearing my heart doing its job. Such a reminder that you’re alive and in the moment 😀 Heck, I’ve even fallen asleep to the sound of my own heartbeat before because it’s so soothing.

    1. Listening to my heartbeat is a meditation “tool” I use a lot because it is so soothing! I’m so delighted that you enjoyed this post and that you shared your thoughts on it ~ I hope you have a whimsical day!

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