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Word Nerd: Lacuna

Lacuna (plural lacunae or lacunas) means a gap or interval and derived from the Latin lacūna (ditch or pit). Lacuna can also mean a small cavity, pit, or discontinuity in an anatomical structure, such as the holes in bones caused by osteoporosis or a cavity in a tooth. Lacuna seems an appropriate word to come… Continue reading Word Nerd: Lacuna

opia gif pupils glittering, bottomless and opaque via LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd: Opia

Opia is another simply gorgeous word that describes an emotion we are all familiar with. Opia is that ambiguous emotion you feel in the center of your heart as you look another person in the eye and sense the invasion and vulnerability of the depths you see there and know they are being reflected in… Continue reading Word Nerd: Opia

rubatosis heartbeat animated gif via LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd: Rubatosis

Rubatosis is a gorgeous word created to describe those moments when you are acutely and unsettlingly aware of the beating of your own heart. Rubatosis can occur in moments of quick fear or panic, or it can creep up upon you in those weird, quiet moments when the silence is so great that your heartbeat… Continue reading Word Nerd: Rubatosis