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Word Nerd : Sylvan

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Sylvan word nerd via lawhimsySylvan sounds so pleasant, so rurally idealistic and peaceful. Verdant woods that provide a cool shady retreat from the hot, constant bustly activity of urban places. Sylvan woods are calm and sweet smelling, filled with gentle, rich greens and browns and pops of bright colors in plants and peeks of blue sky through the canopy of the leafy tree-tops. Perhaps there may be a path, sun-dappled and a bit brambly with grasses or maybe a flowing creek alongside it that leads to a small waterfall and the soothingly rich sounds of water, bird song and gentle, rustling breezes.

The Pretend is Near by Nick Nelson The Pretend is Near by Nick Nelson

Taking a moment to simply be and exist in this lush bit of rustic paradise is akin to touching heaven on earth. The pulse of the water, the air matches your own. In this sylvan sort of paradise one can almost sense the various inhabitants – animal and spirit. The sylvan sprites almost giggle with impish delight at your awe and joy in this, their flourishing forestland. Lovely, isn’t it?

Sylvan Poetry in the woods via LaWhimsy“The longing begins creeping into my soul, singing with the flowing creek as I cling to the forest floor…” ~ Ella

As you can tell, I can wax poetic quite easily when it comes to nature and all of the treasures She provides to us all. Sylvan is one of those words that I have long adored because of how beautifully and ideally it describes woodlands. I also enjoy it’s ability to describe, or I suppose, name some of the inhabitants of said places. I have always believed in spirits and faerie folk and to call some Sylvans is wonderful.

I hope everyone is able to spend at least a little bit of time in a Sylvan setting of their choosing this Summer!

Namaste ~ Ella

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