mountain air romance via LaWhimsy
Just Breathe

Fresh Air Seduction

This air. It's so perfect in it's rich, chill seduction today. I want to breathe it all in, take great, greedy gulps and fill my lungs, my very being, with the pure, lush greatness of it. The air is touched with magic, with the very Divine gracing it with it's presence. It's Winter air with… Continue reading Fresh Air Seduction


Poetic Inspirations : Summer Fading

Temporary Anemone Tattoo by oanabefort on Etsy So fades summer once more, memories turn with the earth yet etched upon my skin the season lingers like a perfect scent for all time. Through the fiery browning of Autumn, into the sharpness of Winter and the damp blooming of Spring, Summer shall remain a gentle kiss… Continue reading Poetic Inspirations : Summer Fading

Musings and Mutterings

Winter Bones

Winter shows the bones of the Earth, bare and beautiful with their dark outlines that crisscross against stark backgrounds. Snow comes forth as a sort of second skin, reminding us of the life that lies just within, sleeping and still. A soft, white blanket, thick and cold, draping the landscape in it's wake. It's a… Continue reading Winter Bones

Word Nerd

Word Nerd : Sylvan

Sylvan sounds so pleasant, so rurally idealistic and peaceful. Verdant woods that provide a cool shady retreat from the hot, constant bustly activity of urban places. Sylvan woods are calm and sweet smelling, filled with gentle, rich greens and browns and pops of bright colors in plants and peeks of blue sky through the canopy… Continue reading Word Nerd : Sylvan