ghost feet photography by lawhimsy

Ghost Feet ~ A Song from the Soul Poem

Ghost Feet You hear them on the wooden floor so soft and slightly creaking, yet you know you are alone, just what is it that's come creeping?They dance and spin, stirring up the dust of passing time, of memories long forgotten, of past emotions, bittersweet, and motions once begotten.You see their prints upon the ground,… Continue reading Ghost Feet ~ A Song from the Soul Poem


Poetic Inspirations : Summer Fading

Temporary Anemone Tattoo by oanabefort on Etsy So fades summer once more, memories turn with the earth yet etched upon my skin the season lingers like a perfect scent for all time. Through the fiery browning of Autumn, into the sharpness of Winter and the damp blooming of Spring, Summer shall remain a gentle kiss… Continue reading Poetic Inspirations : Summer Fading