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Word Nerd : Quaintrelle

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quaintrelle-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsyA quaintrelle finds joy and beauty all around her and she cultivates it to share with others. She enchants, delights and engages the senses (both her own and others) and creates an aura of wonderful whimsy all around. It’s as much a mindset as it is an active style of living. Sure, there can be a negative, shallow side to quaintrelle living, but I am talking about the positive and life affirming part. Embracing and being a quaintrelle may seem cloying or old-fashioned, saccharine and simply way to fanciful to some, but then, doesn’t every way of being seem odd or weird to some in one way or another?

quaintrelle delights in love and life via lawhimsyI purposefully chose quaintrelle a Word Nerd word for the simple reason that being considered a quaintrelle is a life’s goal for me. To fully embrace and live a life full of beauty and passion, one that encompasses a certain joie de vivre. To be so fully and completely one with my particular quirky sort of charms and to share and delight others with them and be charmed like-wise in return (’cause what’s the fun of loving life if you can’t share it?!) – that’s living! Add to that a passionate cultivation of all the charms, pleasures and delights that life holds ~ a quaintrelle mindset and life, yes please!

quaintrelle red lips from word nerd via lawhimsyFrom my quaintrelle lips to your divine ears ~ a quaintrelle life and mindset is sublime!

quaintrelle Elsie De Wolf quote via lawhimsyHere’s to the quaintrelle (or even to the dandy, for you fine fellows) in us all.

Namaste ~ Ella

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    1. Hello Patty ~ quaintrelle is a terrific word! I do believe that the correct pronunciation is quaint-relle. I hope that helps! ❤

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