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Word Nerd: Draíocht

Draíocht (which is pronounced DREE-oct) is an Irish word for magic. Draíocht once specifically denoted the secret lore and arts of the druids of pre-Christian Ireland, however now it is used to describe the magical unseen. Irish and Celtic legend and lore are rich in draíocht. My own Irish side connects deeply to draíocht in… Continue reading Word Nerd: Draíocht

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Word Nerd: Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist is the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time. Zeitgeist is quite literally German for "spirit of the age," from Zeit "time" (see tide) + Geist "spirit" (see ghost). Scholars have long held the belief that each era has a unique… Continue reading Word Nerd: Zeitgeist

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Word Nerd: Gramercy

Gramercy is an archaic term it's  first known use dating back to the 14th century. Stemming from Middle English grand mercy, from Anglo-French grand merci  meaning great thanks. In many ways gramercy is a great representative of interjections in the grammar world. An interjection being the adding of a word to a sentence to convey… Continue reading Word Nerd: Gramercy


Self Reflected

Insides spilling outward, pulled from deep within. Soul expanding, searching far beyond mere mortal skin. Peeling back, reaching forth, bit by aching bit...is it to be found, this self which longs to be seen? ~ Ella Namaste ~ Ella  

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Word Nerd : Quaintrelle

A quaintrelle finds joy and beauty all around her and she cultivates it to share with others. She enchants, delights and engages the senses (both her own and others) and creates an aura of wonderful whimsy all around. It's as much a mindset as it is an active style of living. Sure, there can be… Continue reading Word Nerd : Quaintrelle