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Word Nerd: Draíocht

Draíocht (which is pronounced DREE-oct) is an Irish word for magic. Draíocht once specifically denoted the secret lore and arts of the druids of pre-Christian Ireland, however now it is used to describe the magical unseen. Irish and Celtic legend and lore are rich in draíocht. My own Irish side connects deeply to draíocht in… Continue reading Word Nerd: Draíocht

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Word Nerd: Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist is the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time. Zeitgeist is quite literally German for "spirit of the age," from Zeit "time" (see tide) + Geist "spirit" (see ghost). Scholars have long held the belief that each era has a unique… Continue reading Word Nerd: Zeitgeist

Capricious Mind Collage by LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd: Capricious

Capricious seems quite the fitting word for March, what with it's fickle, ever changing weather and unpredictable elemental switches. Even time is capricious since time-change takes place, causing what I consider to be an erratic upheaval (despite it's supposed "predictable" format). Capriciousness has both positive and negative connotations, though the negative is often the focal… Continue reading Word Nerd: Capricious

Apotheosis of the Rose by Joseph Stella detail
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Word Nerd: Apotheosis

Apotheosis is the apex, the culmination, the absolute climax of a person, place, story. To be at the apotheosis of something is to know you've reached it's highest, utmost height. It's only natural that many, once they've hit an apotheosis, come crashing back down in a fast, sliding race to the end. Others manage to… Continue reading Word Nerd: Apotheosis

At Dusk. Emma Justine Farnsworth. Circa 1893.
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Word Nerd: Somnolent

Somnolent sounds like a torpid, lethargic word, so it's definition is an easy one to remember (and yawn when saying). When I think of somnolent, I think of the long, boring sermons that peppered my childhood church-goings or of long-winded political "discussions" that are one-sided at best and just go in very boring circles. I… Continue reading Word Nerd: Somnolent

Seraphic detail from Godward The Mirror via LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd: Seraphic

Seraphic is a term that derives from the word Seraphim (which is an angelic being of the highest order associated with light, ardor, and purity.). To be seraphic is to be ecstatic, rapturous, ethereal, joyful, purely radiant - you know, all of those blissful terms that could so easily be applied to love, whether it… Continue reading Word Nerd: Seraphic