At Dusk. Emma Justine Farnsworth. Circa 1893.
Word Nerd

Word Nerd: Somnolent

Somnolent sounds like a torpid, lethargic word, so it's definition is an easy one to remember (and yawn when saying). When I think of somnolent, I think of the long, boring sermons that peppered my childhood church-goings or of long-winded political "discussions" that are one-sided at best and just go in very boring circles. I… Continue reading Word Nerd: Somnolent

Musings and Mutterings

Winter Bones

Winter shows the bones of the Earth, bare and beautiful with their dark outlines that crisscross against stark backgrounds. Snow comes forth as a sort of second skin, reminding us of the life that lies just within, sleeping and still. A soft, white blanket, thick and cold, draping the landscape in it's wake. It's a… Continue reading Winter Bones