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Winter Bones

Winter Birds Detail by Louis Icart

Winter shows the bones of the Earth, bare and beautiful with their dark outlines that crisscross against stark backgrounds. Snow comes forth as a sort of second skin, reminding us of the life that lies just within, sleeping and still. A soft, white blanket, thick and cold, draping the landscape in it’s wake. It’s a rhythm that repeats year after year, a constant reminder of our own life cycle and it’s wear and tear. I love the quietness that Winter offers up, the stillness that reminds me to look into myself at the life and the energy that lies inward, just waiting to burst forth with lush grandeur like the foliage outside.

Winter by Louis Icart French artist 1880 - 1950

I’m feeling a bit dreamy today since I awoke to a soft snowfall (our very first this year) and it’s pleasantly chill and damp outside, and warm and cozy inside. Dreamy moods often lead to my waxing poetic, hence my musings above, tee-hee! Adding a slight headache to the mix (I’m still not quite over the flu and I can sense a migraine coming on due to the weather) just adds to the sleepy, dreamy state my mind is in. Here’s hoping I can get some actual work done today!

Louis Icart fireside warmthKeep warm!

Namaste ~ Ella

BTW ~ All of the images are by the French artist Louis Icart. Isn’t he magnificent and so delightfully suited to a dreamy, sleepy, romantic, quaintrelle mood!

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