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Sophistry Word Nerd via LaWhimsySophistry is an act of arguing that is as old as time it’s self. To hold forth on a topic in a blustery, often loud and arrogant way and to allow no room for actual debate or true questions is sophistry in action.
Sophistry Argument via LaWhimsyDebate, in it’s truest and most valuable form, seems to be something of a lost art since so many prefer to “win” or to be in the right – even if there is no “right” or “win” to be had. I witness this quite often, in various forums, “news” articles, and even in everyday discussions. Sophistry and sophism seem to rule the day, and yet few tap into the actual, and very scary, mastery of the art of it. Cult leaders know the circular speak of sophistry and political leaders too often tap into it’s very powerful potential in order to push their agendas and view points.
Sophistry Quote via LaWhimsyPersonally, I don’t care if view points differ, so long as each voice is heard and true, honest facts are laid out, shared and learned. Give me frankness and veracity over the trickery of sophistry any day! How about you?
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