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Yes, you read that right, I actually used a hashtag for this blog’s title, but it is with very good reason. #ReadWomen2014 is the delightful brain child of writer and artist Joanna Walsh and with it She is hoping to help bridge the prevalent inequality in the literary world. White males make up the most read authors in mainstream literary culture, and while there is quite a lot of talent to be had, it’s still a very limited field to pick from. With #ReadWomen2014, many female authors are being shared, re-shared and given a chance to flourish in our modern literary circles.

Joanna Walsh readwomen2014 bookmarks via lawhimsyThese are Joanna’s bookmarks that spawned off the #readwomen2014

Personally, I’ve always felt slightly more drawn to female authors, though it took the sharing of this hashtag by a friend to make me really aware of it. As I sat and thought of the author’s I’d share, I realized that my shelves are jam-packed with many of the names already shared on Joanna’s list (both the original and the added on version). To name a few I’d say Margaret Kennedy, Venetia Murray, Eleanor Herman, Elizabeth Taylor, Sandra Gulland, Leslie Carroll, Anya Seton, Margaret Atwood, Carolly Erickson, Andrea Stuart, Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte, Jane Austen, Kathleen Winsor, and oh, so many more!

LaWhimsy #readwomen2014Just a sample of some of my #readwomen2014 author choices!

What do you think? Will you be reading more women authors in 2014?

Namaste ~ Ella

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