Musings and Mutterings

Random Musings on a Tuesday

Life is Delicate and Lovely via LaWhimsyOh life, you crazy, bumpy, insanity throwing, magically flowing thing – whatever am I to do with you? You cause me anxiety, leave chaos in your wake and make me fall more in love with you each day I am blessed enough to experience you. You leave me cursing and laughing, crying and singing, hurting and angry, delighted, happy, sad and endlessly bemused. It’s quite the heady thing, life, and fully living it is not for the faint of heart. It’s so worth it though, and so far I wouldn’t trade a thing about my life – even the absolutely terrible parts (though, maybe I might ask for more time with some…but that’s wishful thinking, I know, and I know they are where they are supposed to be and with me in a different way now).

Immortalité Detail Salvador Dalí Don’t mind me, I’m simply musing aloud today, sharing a few of the thoughts that have been drifting about my mind. It’s been such an interesting go of things since the start of the year. Not bad, per say, not good exactly, either,  but changeable and all for the better, though time shall show proof of that more then words can. I’m excited and can feel a sort of charge in the air, an undercurrent of expectations being met and challenged and driven toward even more. Once the final bits of this flu/head cold let go (and boy, are they clingy) and my body’s energies return to normal, I think they shall meet my mental racings and things shall really begin…and I can’t wait!

Quiet Time to Reflect on Life via LaWhimsyAnyone else have an idea of how their new year would start, yet have it jump way off track, but maybe for the better?

Namaste ~ Ella