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I Go To Seek a Great Perhaps

Perhaps, such a promise of a word, an idea. Perhaps, so much untold in just the mere utterance of two syllables. Perhaps I shall go out today. Perhaps I shall meet someone. Perhaps I'll stay in, alone. Perhaps someone will seek me out. Perhaps it will rain, or snow, or be sunny. Perhaps I shall… Continue reading I Go To Seek a Great Perhaps

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Random Musings on a Tuesday

Oh life, you crazy, bumpy, insanity throwing, magically flowing thing - whatever am I to do with you? You cause me anxiety, leave chaos in your wake and make me fall more in love with you each day I am blessed enough to experience you. You leave me cursing and laughing, crying and singing, hurting… Continue reading Random Musings on a Tuesday

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Those Feelings, Deep and True…

I have such a love and kinship to this quote, for though I am lucky enough to have a best friend who understands me more than I understand myself at times, there are still certain things which can never quite be shared or understood or explained just so.  Yet there are books or songs or… Continue reading Those Feelings, Deep and True…

Musings and Mutterings

Misplaced But Lovely

Today was as mild and sodden as any late Spring day and the gentle air reached out to gently caress whatever it touched with it's dewy mist. There was just one problem, and herein lies the rub - today was no May day! It's January and smack dab in the middle of Winter. The air… Continue reading Misplaced But Lovely

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Artistic Inspiration & A Journal Entry

Today I'm going to share a bit of musing from an older journal entry ~ just a few thoughts I had about art and nature... " is never in want since Nature is the greatest artist of all. Where else can one see all the variations of color,texture,shadow and light play all intermixed in such… Continue reading Artistic Inspiration & A Journal Entry

Word Nerd

Word Nerd : Metanoia

Metanoia is a positive, life-affirming journey that from the offset may seem impossible, over-difficult and down-right frightening but to push through is to reach new, enlightening stages of existence. Isn't it part of our life's purpose to undergo various challenges, changes and stages of metanoia? To step outside your comfort zone, stretch yourself and see… Continue reading Word Nerd : Metanoia