Images, Musings and Mutterings

Bold Neon Deer Sketch

I had this doodle of a vintage deer that I saw on this great card awhile back and I figured why not sketch it out a bit bigger, add some bold, black lines and detail and then add a pop of color with some neon orange and pink triangles and a few blue polka dots… Continue reading Bold Neon Deer Sketch

I Pinned It & I Did It

Paper Straw Frames

I give you Easy-Peasy paper Straw Frames~ This is such a darling and super easy project that first caught my eye on Pinterest and a bit of digging found a DIY on The TomKat Studio blog. I had this piece of fabric that I used to test out my sewing machine whenever I'd have to… Continue reading Paper Straw Frames

I Pinned It & I Did It

Doily Dream Catcher

I give you a Doily Dream Catcher~ I actually made three of these lovely doily dream catchers as Yule gifts last year, but this is the only one I was able to get photos of at present. I used branches from the wisteria out back (those are some of the most wonderful, bendy sort of… Continue reading Doily Dream Catcher

My Creations

Seal Watercolor

Merry Monday everyone! I was inspired this morning (after getting a note from a very dear friend) to sketch out this little seal. I think he turned out rather sweetly. Step one was a light pencil outline that I then filled in with a light watercolor pencil base in grey with a hint of pale… Continue reading Seal Watercolor

I Pinned It & I Did It

Washi Feathers

I give you Washi Tape Flowers ~ This was a very simply, yet incredibly gratifying project. Washi tapes crafts and project abound, and I'm sure I'll be trying my hand at a great many. This particular version, however, caught my fancy and so I set to it and look at how pretty they turned out!… Continue reading Washi Feathers

I Pinned It & I Did It

I Pinned It & I Did It

New feature alert! I have been thinking about my Pinterest boards, my Creative Spark DIYs one in-particular and I really want to actually start doing some of the things I've pinned (craziness, I know, tee-hee!). So many things spark my interest or light up a creative path in my ever-winding mind and what good will… Continue reading I Pinned It & I Did It