I Pinned It & I Did It

Paper Straw Frames

I Pinned it and I Did it

I give you Easy-Peasy paper Straw Frames~


This is such a darling and super easy project that first caught my eye on Pinterest and a bit of digging found a DIY on The TomKat Studio blog.


I had this piece of fabric that I used to test out my sewing machine whenever I’d have to re-thread it or check a stitch out. I loved it’s textural and arty feel too much to simply toss it (heaven forbid – and no, I’m not a hoarder…as yet!) when I switched to a new piece but I was never quite sure just what to do with it besides coo over it and pet it when I happened across it in my sewing basket. Framing it behind glass would lose it’s textural appeal but I wanted to do something, then I saw the paper straw frame again as I was pursing my boards and I had an ah-ha moment.


I mounted the piece on a bit of card-stock (I used duct-tape ’cause I’m crafty like that) and then used some paper straws that I grabbed on clearance the last time I was at Target (gotta love those end aisles!). I love how it turned out and now I can feel the texture and have it nicely displayed. It’s a bit difficult to tell the full extent of the texture from the pictures because it’s a lot of white on cream on pale, but hopefully you get an idea of what’s going on there. I am so going to be making a few more of these frames for all kinds of things!

This is really the sort of thing I love best – easy, super terrific outcome and almost instant gratification! I hope you try it out!

Namaste ~ Ella

*All projects link from my Pinterest, however I have the original tutorial or idea link there whenever possible. If you notice an incorrect credit please let me know and I’ll correct it a.s.a.p.!

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