I Pinned It & I Did It

Paper Straw Frames

I give you Easy-Peasy paper Straw Frames~ This is such a darling and super easy project that first caught my eye on Pinterest and a bit of digging found a DIY on The TomKat Studio blog. I had this piece of fabric that I used to test out my sewing machine whenever I'd have to… Continue reading Paper Straw Frames

I Pinned It & I Did It

Doily Dream Catcher

I give you a Doily Dream Catcher~ I actually made three of these lovely doily dream catchers as Yule gifts last year, but this is the only one I was able to get photos of at present. I used branches from the wisteria out back (those are some of the most wonderful, bendy sort of… Continue reading Doily Dream Catcher

I Pinned It & I Did It

Washi Feathers

I give you Washi Tape Flowers ~ This was a very simply, yet incredibly gratifying project. Washi tapes crafts and project abound, and I'm sure I'll be trying my hand at a great many. This particular version, however, caught my fancy and so I set to it and look at how pretty they turned out!… Continue reading Washi Feathers

I Pinned It & I Did It

I Pinned It & I Did It

New feature alert! I have been thinking about my Pinterest boards, my Creative Spark DIYs one in-particular and I really want to actually start doing some of the things I've pinned (craziness, I know, tee-hee!). So many things spark my interest or light up a creative path in my ever-winding mind and what good will… Continue reading I Pinned It & I Did It

Musings and Mutterings

Lovely Things

Vintage Biba fashion Illustration I've been discovering all sorts of lovely things, from this gorgeous Biba illustration (that expression in her eyes is so dream-like) to new expressions, like Bliss Trigger via Happiness Is. How great is the idea of finding something that is a bit out of the ordinary and making it a symbol… Continue reading Lovely Things