I Pinned It & I Did It

Doily Dream Catcher

I Pinned it and I Did it

I give you a Doily Dream Catcher~


I actually made three of these lovely doily dream catchers as Yule gifts last year, but this is the only one I was able to get photos of at present. I used branches from the wisteria out back (those are some of the most wonderful, bendy sort of branches to work with. They can also have the most wonderful twists in them that can add quite the decorative element, though I choose to work with very simple branches this go about) and a few doilies I had on hand. I added old buttons, shell beads, cotton string, bits of leather and tassels to give each a unique element.

DreamCatcher 2

Dream Catchers are something I grew up with, since my Mother has a strong Native American heritage that she gladly  passed along. The idea of having something to protect my being from the negative thoughts and dreams that can fill the night air, all the while allowing the positive ones to slip freely and gently through is a very soothing one. I don’t currently have a dream catcher of my own, but I think I shall remedy that very soon. There is something about summertime that makes me think of dream catchers and I suppose it’s because that’s usually the time of year I would make them as a child. I think I might also make myself another medicine bag since it has been awhile (I like to use mine to maintain a personal harmony with the physical, spiritual, and supernatural) and it’s another childhood summer memory.

DreamCatcher 1

What sort of summertime creative activities do you enjoy?

Namaste ~ Ella

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