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Word Nerd : Liquescent

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melting by Michael Young via liquescent LaWhimsyMelting by Michael Young

Liquescent means becoming or apt to become liquid, or you know, melting.

Ah, Summer – you tantalize us with your bright, cheery promises of sun filled days and warm, luscious weather canopied by thick, leafy greenness and the occasional rainy day.

What you forget to tell us is that you can also be unforgiving with days filled with white hot skies and blinding, broiling sun. That humid, oppressive weather that clings to everything in the day and gives way into sweltering, damp-aired nights.

I swear my very state of being throughout the season is liquescent, as I wilt away under the torrent waves of muggy weather. To say it’s liquescent at least provides a sort of glamor to an otherwise melty state of being. Dramatic, sure, but fitting when one considers that air-conditioning is not always an option (old houses can have a few downsides). I’m also a giant wuss and have a difficult time dealing with heat and humidity. I like the word liquescent, though, and I plan on using it more then I probably should as I make my way through the summer.

Liquescent Hour digital art collage by LaWhimsyLiquescent Hour by lawhimsy

“Twilight hour. Indian blue, water of glass, trees glistening and liquescent.” – Henry Miller, “Tropic of Cancer”

Namaste ~ Ella

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