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Word Nerd : Aestival or Estival

Estival means of or pertaining to the summer and Aestival is a variant of estival. Estival and Aestival both derive from the Latin aestīv(us) (of summer). The 21st of June is the official start of the Summer season in the Eastern Hemisphere and what better way to mark it then by discovering the word Aestival?… Continue reading Word Nerd : Aestival or Estival

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Anne Boleyn – The Most Happy

On May 19th, 1536 Anne Boleyn was executed, bringing an incredibly tragic end to her 1000 days as Henry VIII's most happy queen. Longer still was she the deepest desire of Henry's heart, flaming his longing for an ideal, happy and powerful marriage secured by the most precious gift She could give him, a son… Continue reading Anne Boleyn – The Most Happy

Autumnal Balance by LaWhimsy
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Autumn Equinox

Autumn Balance set by LaWhimsy on Polyvore Today marks the very first full day of Autumn and it's part of the Autumnal Equinox (as I mentioned in my Monday Mantra). This particular equinox is one that is about balance (day and night are equal, before they begin to grow shorter) and this is a fantastic… Continue reading Autumn Equinox

kairos art collage by lawhimsy
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Word Nerd : Kairos

Kairos is one of those essential tenants of life that we are all capable of sensing, and indeed, most of us yearn for that kairotic moment in which to act. Kairos is time filled with promise and hope - a chance to act and succeed. Each day holds many kairos moments, the key to utilizing them… Continue reading Word Nerd : Kairos

Oread Word Nerd via LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd : Oread

Oread derives, most famously, from Greek and Roman mythology and the most famous of the oreads is Echo. I've always found Echo's story to be so beautifully melancholy, due to her being punished and denied use of her lovely voice and then, in true poetic justice, it being the part of her that is preserved… Continue reading Word Nerd : Oread

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Welcome Summer

Today, June 21, marks the longest day of the year and come rain or shine, it's also the brightest! Summer has never been my favorite season, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy it - or at least many of it's positive traits. You know, things like lazy, long afternoons, cute sandals and crop-tops… Continue reading Welcome Summer