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Oread Word Nerd via LaWhimsyOread derives, most famously, from Greek and Roman mythology and the most famous of the oreads is Echo. I’ve always found Echo’s story to be so beautifully melancholy, due to her being punished and denied use of her lovely voice and then, in true poetic justice, it being the part of her that is preserved and heard everywhere to this day.

Oread Echo and Narcissus by john william waterhouseOh, Oread, of the Earth’s ground formed waves, You sound out a reminder of all that’s been said and shall be said again. Your sweet voice resounds and gives comfort as it rings around those mountain sides you cultivated and adored. Oread, Echo, on and on. Nymph forever, heart in song. ~ Ella

Oread Art Collage by LaWhimsyOread art collage by LaWhimsy on Polyvore

Namaste ~ Ella

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