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Anne Boleyn – The Most Happy

Anne Boleyn collage by lawhimsy on PolyvoreOn May 19th, 1536 Anne Boleyn was executed, bringing an incredibly tragic end to her 1000 days as Henry VIII’s most happy queen. Longer still was she the deepest desire of Henry’s heart, flaming his longing for an ideal, happy and powerful marriage secured by the most precious gift She could give him, a son – the golden heir. The golden heir Anne did provide, though not in the male form that was expected, but in their daughter, Elizabeth. Anne Boleyn has long held a place in my heart, and in many others as well. She, the ultimate inamorata with her piquant wit and flashing, arch charms.

Anne Boleyn The Most Happy by lawhimsyAnne Boleyn was a delicate, dancing moth caught in the flame of Henry’s pursuit and, like any moth who gets that close, She went out in a magnificent flash that at once was tragic, majestic and unforgettable. Indeed, She still draws people to her, even after all these years, and there is much about her that remains deliciously elusive still. History lover and ardent admirer of Anne that I am, I wore a ruby tear-drop necklace and my “Boleyn B” necklace in her honor yesterday and I painted a watercolor Tudor rose.

remembering anne boleyn by lawhimsyOh, Anne, I am sure you rest well knowing that all you did was not in vain and that you provided history with exactly what you promised ~ a golden heir and you have not been forgotten, either, despite the immediate efforts set in motion to tarnish you and your family’s name. Anne Boleyn – The Most Happy, indeed!

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