Affirmation Mondays

Monday Mantra 59

You have within you more love than you could ever understand. Rumi Monday Mantra via LaWhimsyYou are so amazing, did you know that? You have within you more love, compassion, creativity, strength, desire, courage, hope, and joy than you could ever understand. You have the ability to tap into this incredible power within you, to let it envelope your very being. Your very core radiates with your unique magnificence and as you acknowledge it, feed it, feel it, it will grow and multiply and never cease to astonish. The best part – it’s all YOU. Everyone has this wondrous gift we call life, and if you choose, you can begin to experience it to it’s fullest. You can start by knowing that you do, truly, have within you more love than you could ever hope to understand. And isn’t that a comforting, amazing thing, indeed!
Namaste ~ Ella

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