Word Nerd: Impugn

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsyimpugn-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsyImpugn (pronounced as im pyoon) is a word that I love to come across in my reading. Impugn is a transitive verb (it is an action verb that has an object, see the example below), while impugner (the one who impugns) is a noun. Impugn almost always seems to be said in a sort of haughty, how-dare-you, holier-than-thou kind of way and I just love it! That said, with the next election year already starting to gear up, don’t be surprised if you hear or read the word impugn – it does seem to be a political favorite!

How dare you impugn my charater, sir! image detail from Couple arguing by John Bull via lawhimsyHow dare you impugn my character, sir!

Have you ever come across the word impugn before in your reading?

Namaste ~ Ella

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~ Image detail from Couple Arguing by John Bull.



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