Seahorse Kitten Attack of Cuteness Illustration by Ella of LaWhimsy

Harlequin Poppet and Seahorse-kitten Holiday Illustrations

A Harlequin Poppet I've been trying to up my illustration and drawing game by actually, you know, drawing more and these two delights are from the Mab Graves #mabsdrawingclub prompts for the holidays this year on Instagram. While I haven't completed every prompt (the week of Thanksgiving was hella busy)I have really enjoyed the ones… Continue reading Harlequin Poppet and Seahorse-kitten Holiday Illustrations

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Welcome Summer

Today, June 21, marks the longest day of the year and come rain or shine, it's also the brightest! Summer has never been my favorite season, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy it - or at least many of it's positive traits. You know, things like lazy, long afternoons, cute sandals and crop-tops… Continue reading Welcome Summer


Love Me All The Same

This is a case of rather warm, humid weather causing my glass of water to gather major condensation along it's curved outer rim, my taking a drink and unthinkingly leaving the piece I had just finished carefully writing underneath.  *Splish* *Splash* *Splotch* I had a quandary. Instead of freaking out and getting upset over the… Continue reading Love Me All The Same


A Foxy Little Doodle

I'm feeling a bit under-the-weather today, so I thought I'd simply share a wee little foxy sketch I made the other night. I've been told that he looks like a wise, old, General sort of fox, what with his whiskers and all, and I have to say that I totally agree! Have a lovely Thursday!… Continue reading A Foxy Little Doodle


Self Reflected

Insides spilling outward, pulled from deep within. Soul expanding, searching far beyond mere mortal skin. Peeling back, reaching forth, bit by aching it to be found, this self which longs to be seen? ~ Ella Namaste ~ Ella  


Valentine’s Day Watercolor Art Cards

Here's a glimpse of two easy-peasy art cards that I made using card stock, a white crayon, watercolor paints and washi tape (first to tape the cards to my work surface and then to hang them together). Cute, simple and endless possibilities - what more could one ask for?! Namaste ~ Ella