A Foxy Little Doodle

I'm feeling a bit under-the-weather today, so I thought I'd simply share a wee little foxy sketch I made the other night. I've been told that he looks like a wise, old, General sort of fox, what with his whiskers and all, and I have to say that I totally agree! Have a lovely Thursday!… Continue reading A Foxy Little Doodle


Ink and Pen Lady Sketch

Just a little ink and pen sketch I made instead of doing other things. Oh, procrastination, you are such a terrible tease and flirt on a cold, overcast day! I think she looks rather cute, though I don't know if I preferred her before or after I filled in a few places. What a Doll!… Continue reading Ink and Pen Lady Sketch

Musings and Mutterings

A Kokeshi Doll Sketch

I have always adored kokeshi dolls and when I picked up my pencil to doodle the other day, out came this little cutie! With a bit of pen and ink detail I think she is quite the charmer and I plan of sketching up a lot more kokeshi. Now if only I could remember where… Continue reading A Kokeshi Doll Sketch

My Creations

Sketch Book ~ Washi Tape Style

This morning I played around with some watercolor pencils and washi tape and came up with this rather simple, yet colorful sketch. While I'm not exactly thrilled with the complete outcome (water color pencils + words + water = blurry mess and I knew it too but did it anyway - doh!) I do like… Continue reading Sketch Book ~ Washi Tape Style