Ink and Pen Lady Sketch

Just a little ink and pen sketch I made instead of doing other things. Oh, procrastination, you are such a terrible tease and flirt on a cold, overcast day! I think she looks rather cute, though I don't know if I preferred her before or after I filled in a few places. What a Doll!… Continue reading Ink and Pen Lady Sketch

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Bold Neon Deer Sketch

I had this doodle of a vintage deer that I saw on this great card awhile back and I figured why not sketch it out a bit bigger, add some bold, black lines and detail and then add a pop of color with some neon orange and pink triangles and a few blue polka dots… Continue reading Bold Neon Deer Sketch

Musings and Mutterings

A Kokeshi Doll Sketch

I have always adored kokeshi dolls and when I picked up my pencil to doodle the other day, out came this little cutie! With a bit of pen and ink detail I think she is quite the charmer and I plan of sketching up a lot more kokeshi. Now if only I could remember where… Continue reading A Kokeshi Doll Sketch