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Bold Neon Deer Sketch

Neon Whimsy Doe

I had this doodle of a vintage deer that I saw on this great card awhile back and I figured why not sketch it out a bit bigger, add some bold, black lines and detail and then add a pop of color with some neon orange and pink triangles and a few blue polka dots – just for good measure.

Neon Deer Sketch

I am really thrilled at how it turned out and I’m seriously considering making it a print and perhaps even a stuffie or a pillow (or both). It might also look cute on some stationary. I’m also thinking about drawing up a few different animals, in vintage style, but with this modern almost urban twist.

Neon Whimsy Vintage Deer

What do you think – would you buy something with this cutie on it?

Namaste ~ Ella

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