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Word Nerd : Cynophilist

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cynophilist word nerd cecilaldin puppy via lawhimsyPreviously Word Nerd has defined a lover of cats as an Ailurophilebut I think it’s about time that dog lovers get their due as well and so I give you Cynophilist. While I am an unabashed cat fan (my darling Josie and sweet, deaf Sinny will totally attest to that!) a certain even t has been in the works for a few weeks now, one that will completely confirm my place in the cynophilist club – I’m getting a dog! To be exact, a darling little beagle, Brittany spaniel puppy mix that I’m adopting through a local pet shelter. I’ll picking up my little girl later this evening and I am beyond excited!

cynophilist vintage delight via lawhimsyI’ve always had a soft spot for dogs and have actually lived with several over the years, it’s just they have always been someone else’s and I never quite thought of myself as being a dog owner. Cat owner, goodness yes! Then, Weiky came along (he’s my partner-in-crime’s little guy) and I fell in love with his quirky, adorable, funny little self. As time went on I began to think that maybe having a dog and being considered a cynophilist would be a really great thing and then a few months ago I started really thinking about it, then I started looking and then *bam* everything seemed to fall into place. I so can’t wait to go get my little girl and I’ll properly introduce her after she get’s settled in.

My Puppy Book via lawhimsyThis was my favorite book when I was a tiny thing – maybe in hindsight I was always a bit of a cynophilist!

Here’s to all the cynophilists and ailurophiles everywhere!

Namaste ~ Ella

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3 thoughts on “Word Nerd : Cynophilist”

  1. Cute column, but please correct your usage in the following sentence: Here’s to all the cynophilist’s and Ailurophile’s everywhere! The plural does not require an apostrophe. Hope you are having fun with your pup!

    1. Thank you for catching that. It’s hard to believe that my pup has been in my life for almost 3 wonderful years now! Hope you’re having a whimsical day!

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