Art from Nature Magnolia Style

Art from Nature1

There is nothing I enjoy more then art and when I can create a bit of art to decor my space with something found in nature, well, I’m in whimsy heaven! This piece of nature art came about when I discovered a broken off piece of the magnolia tree that was simply too pretty to leave be. I picked it up and after petting it’s soft branches and leaves. Seriously, have you ever touched a magnolia leaf? It’s almost waxy on the green side and then it’s soft, like brushed suede on the underside and when it dries it looks like old, worn and cracked leather. The new growth branches have that same softness to them before their bark grows knobby and protective. Anyhoo, back to my art…

Art from Nature tied up

I simply wrapped the stem with a piece of embroidery floss (in this case a lovely shade of bright purple for a pop of color) and left a loop to hand it from an empty nail (my walls are littered with them…I’ve been lazy and haven’t removed them from the previous tenet’s use ’cause plaster walls are a pain in the arse to fix-up and covering them up or simply using them is easier, tee-hee.)

Art from Nature Magnolia Branch

Ta-Da – there you have it a very lovely piece of art created from a piece of Nature, which as we all know is one of the greatest artists of all!

Have you ever used a bit of nature to create a piece of art?

Namaste ~ Ella