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Get Messy Week 12

My art journal pages this week were quite enjoyable to create (having Murdoch Mysteries on on the background made it even better). The first page is a dreamy, winter-evoking piece (inspired by this darn Bomb Cyclone weather!). I drew the deer silhouette and then spent a good while shading it in just so. I adore… Continue reading Get Messy Week 12

Images, Musings and Mutterings

Bold Neon Deer Sketch

I had this doodle of a vintage deer that I saw on this great card awhile back and I figured why not sketch it out a bit bigger, add some bold, black lines and detail and then add a pop of color with some neon orange and pink triangles and a few blue polka dots… Continue reading Bold Neon Deer Sketch

Images, Musings and Mutterings

Quirky Christmas Merriment

I have been uber enthralled by the seemingly endless amounts of awesome, whimsical, and sometimes oddly weird holiday imagery that I keep stumbling upon on tumblr and  pinterest. It's seriously become almost addiction-level (though my busy, hustle-bustly days keep me from it for too long). There is just something about them that make my heart… Continue reading Quirky Christmas Merriment