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Quirky Christmas Merriment

Christmas Fairies Vintage Style

I have been uber enthralled by the seemingly endless amounts of awesome, whimsical, and sometimes oddly weird holiday imagery that I keep stumbling upon on tumblr and  pinterest. It’s seriously become almost addiction-level (though my busy, hustle-bustly days keep me from it for too long). There is just something about them that make my heart sing, my soul smile and fills me up with giggly happiness (and obviously, gooey-loquaciousness, tee-hee).

Creepy Santa Vintage SassI mean, that is one kinda creepy Santa – hilarious, but creepy.

Sweet Yuletide Nostalga

This one is just darling and makes me think of myself and Glory when we were wee lasses (plus the doggie is just too cute!).

Barbie and Skipper Vintage IceSkating Ad

Who doesn’t love a bit of vintage Barbie and Skipper holiday advertising delight?!?!

Girl on Skies with Reindeer Vintage Card

Random reindeer cuteness.I could make a blog just about cute vintage deer images – holiday and other. I just love them all soooo much!

Christmas Maltese Card Vintage

This looks just like Zaz (the cutie baby Maltese I get to doggie-sit all the time).

Ralph Hulett Christmas card

Last, but not least, a cute chipmunk head from a Ralph Hulett Christmas card. How cute, right?!

Yeah, so this post was a bit all over the place, what with the random images and commentary, but it was certainly merry and bright and that’s all that really counts in the end. Have a cheery weekend everyone!

Namaste ~ Ella

My heart goes out to all those affect by the tragedy in Conn. ~ may goodness shine through this dark hour!

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