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St. Patrick’s Day ~ The Maiden of the Clover Poem

Sweet Colleen, now of the green, a crown of flowers on her brow, dances and plays away in the circle Faerie made. She walked the moors, sang her songs, spoke the language of forgotten tongues. They welcomed her with open arms, delighting in her silken charms. She belonged to them alone, a queen, a very… Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day ~ The Maiden of the Clover Poem

Art Deco Valentine Romantic Card via LaWhimsy

Valentine Love is Everyday : A Poem

Love Poem Your love, My love, each a golden gift spun so pure and true weaving into life all that is so good.   Love is so inherent, something so divine spreading out like wildfire polishing life so fine.   Love me, then, I'll love you too together we shall be and love shall continue… Continue reading Valentine Love is Everyday : A Poem

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Merry December

All is merry, all is bright, in this month of shortened light. Soon the season will turn again and Winter shall enter the Northern lands. Darkness falls, the chill runs through, all is slumbering, all seems still. The cracking trees, the icy lakes, the rustling leaves in Autumn's wake. Yet in this time, so bleak… Continue reading Merry December

Musings and Mutterings

Happy Independence Day

Wherever you are in this grand World of ours, I hope that today you are able to celebrate your own, personal independence of thought and self and I hope that someday everyone is able to know and celebrate the freedom of personal human rights - even here in America a place that may be celebrating… Continue reading Happy Independence Day

Musings and Mutterings

Bunny Daze

Bunnies, bunnies everywhere and so much sweet to eat ~ Whatever holiday you may celebrate at this time of year, you have to admit that all those darling, fluffy new baby animals popping up everywhere are simply too cute for words! They are cuddly, precious and smile-inducing (in even the most curmudgeonly of know… Continue reading Bunny Daze