Musings and Mutterings

St. Patrick’s Day ~ The Maiden of the Clover Poem

Sweet Colleen, now of the green, a crown of flowers on her brow, dances and plays away in the circle Faerie made. She walked the moors, sang her songs, spoke the language of forgotten tongues. They welcomed her with open arms, delighting in her silken charms. She belonged to them alone, a queen, a very… Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day ~ The Maiden of the Clover Poem

My Creations

Leprechaun Embroidery

St. Patrick's Day has a very special meaning to me because not only is it just a happy-go-lucky holiday, it's my birthday! Leprechauns and Faerie Folk have been huge influences in my life and I decided that in light of of this I would stitch-up this mischievous retro leprechaun that I shared with you all… Continue reading Leprechaun Embroidery

Word Nerd

Word Nerd : Smaragdine

In light of St. Patrick's Day I figured that I would write a Word Nerd that related in one form or another. Smaragdine is perfect because what better way to share the love of the Irish then with a word that so ideally describes that magic Isle that is Ireland?! Of Faeries, folklore, myth and… Continue reading Word Nerd : Smaragdine