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Leprechaun Embroidery

St. Patrick's Day has a very special meaning to me because not only is it just a happy-go-lucky holiday, it's my birthday! Leprechauns and Faerie Folk have been huge influences in my life and I decided that in light of of this I would stitch-up this mischievous retro leprechaun that I shared with you all… Continue reading Leprechaun Embroidery

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I generally like Mondays since I find them to be such a nice, fresh start to a new week and I'm usually fairly energetic and all pumped-up, ready to tackle all sorts of things. Today I'm feeling a bit hazy, however, and while I am dead-set on actually accomplishing a few things, I do wish… Continue reading Mondaze

My Creations

Illustration Stitch-A-Long : Step 1

A new year naturally means new projects and one of those projects for me is joining in the Illustration Stitch-A-Long (I've added the button to the side of my blog). I was a bit intimidated when the first illustrator was set as Edward Gorey. I adore his work and his rather dark, twisted sense of… Continue reading Illustration Stitch-A-Long : Step 1

My Creations

December Stitchalong ~ A Very Merry Stitchalong

December is such a delightfully hustle-bustly month filled with what seems to be endless projects, rounds of shopping, silly times, decorating, laughter and goodness knows what else and when I saw that there was going to be a Stitch Along I about said, "doh!".  However, I made a promise to myself that I would do… Continue reading December Stitchalong ~ A Very Merry Stitchalong

My Creations

October Stitchalong ~ A Kitsch Witch Banner

Ta-Da ~ one gloriously spooktacular kitsch witch banner curtsey of the Feeling Stitchy October Stitchalong (pattern by the talented Bridgeen of Cherry and Cinnamon) and my mad embroidery skills (yeah, I like to brag myself up sometimes ~ it's awesome fun!). Back to the point,  I really had a blast with this one, from the… Continue reading October Stitchalong ~ A Kitsch Witch Banner